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The Look of Love

Love is in the eyes of the beholder... and there is no better way to rejuvenate those eyes than with intraceuticals!

Intraceuticals is not just known for their globally-loved and extremely effective oxygen treatments; they are also masters in at-home skincare products! As you may know, the eyes are 10x thinner than the skin found on the rest of our face. Also, the eye area lacks in oil glands that help keep the delicate eye skin moist - so we need to use products that help hydrate this rapidly aging area. Luckily, intraceuticals has developed outstanding products geared towards the eye area that provide complete rejuvenation from the comfort of your own home!



This eye gel contains a high concentration of hyaluronics, which improves hydrodynamics addressing long term hydration. The eye gel instantly cools, calms and awakens tired eyes. It provides an immediate tightening effect, and helps to smooth the appearance of fine lines in the eye area. Not to mention, this powerhouse visibly reduces puffiness and the appearance of dark circles with the power of vitamin C and E.


A set of 6 collagen-filled eye masks. Each a gorgeous moisture rich eye treatment. Acts as an instant pick me up for the under eye area that targets fine dehydration lines under the eye contour. It also provides a refreshing boost to awaken tired eyes and aids in the diminishing of dark circles and puffiness.


Using the power of peptides, this feature perfecting serum visibly blurs dark circles, bags, puffiness, and lines around the eye contour. Providing a complete rejuvenating effect - this extremely satisfying serum increases skin luminosity, firmness, and elasticity. Apart of a family of 5 high performance perfecting serums, this skincare breakthrough works best when layered under the intraceuticals RETOUCH Hyaluronic Base Serum.


If you are looking for in-spa results, intraceuticals is the way to go! By combining all 3 intraceuticals eye-focused products, you can maximize your results and completely transform your eye area in no time! Here's how:


Begin your at-home eye overhaul by applying intraceuticals RETOUCH Eyes on clean, dry skin. This perfecting serum is the perfect start to achieving dramatic results. TIP: for best results, apply RETOUCH Hyaluronic Base Serum prior to applying RETOUCH Eyes.


Apply intraceuticals Eye Masks overtop of your perfecting serum(s). Leave on under eyes for 15-20 minutes. Once under eyes are completed, flip these collagen-based eye masks to the eye lids and allow any remaining product to absorb into the skin.


Remove your intraceuticals Eye Masks. Follow removal by massaging a small amount of the intraceuticals Eye Gel to the eye contour, making sure not to stretch the skin. TIP: for extra de-puffing, leave Eye Gel in fridge overnight!

ET VIOLA... the ultimate eye lift!



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