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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Beautymark Solutions?
    Beautymark Solutions Inc. is a Canadian boutique luxury skincare distributor with a carefully orchestrated team of business and beauty professionals who are here to grow your beauty business with our award-winning brands. We focus on the continous growth of your company, and offer long-term support. Our partnerships are not a one-stop-shop kind of partnership, but rather an extension of your business with constant support, in-depth education, and outstanding resources. Providing access to some of the industries most beautiful brands, we pride ourselves on helping beauty professionals make their mark within the evergrowing beauty movement. Our diverse power-house team is always approaching "sales" as a way to consult with you and your team to ultimately make your business better and more profitable with our many growth strategies. To us, it's not about selling products "in", it's about selling products "through", and proving to you, our partner, that a combination of internationally acclaimed, recognized brands and a savvy business strategy is the key to longevity. Our business partners come in all shapes & sizes, and we take pride in our inclusive ability to assist you in your growth whether you've just opened your doors, or you've been a destination location for years.
  • What brands does Beautymark carry?
    Our carefully curated portfolio of brands allows beauty professionals of all capacities to choose 1, 2, or all of our brands to compliment or fully represent your skin care business & philosophy; be it a clinical medispa, or a luxurious retailer of beauty. Our brands have many layers, intended to meet the needs of the most advanced skin care practitioner, to the tredniest makeup studio in town. We represent brands that are as diverse and versatile as we believe the beauty industry can be. Our brands include: BIOEFFECT - Icelands award-wining and leading luxury skincare brand. 111SKIN - The line that started at Londons premiere comsetic clinic address,111 Harley St Clinic. Surgically inspired, Scientifically led, and Delivers Superior Results. intraceuticals - From the land down under, intraceutcals unique line of spa treatments and complementary skin care products is recommended by top skincare professionals, a-list celebrities, world-renowned make-up artists and stylists all over the world. COOLA - Born in California, and following the Californian lifestyle, COOLA is one of the worlds most innovative, cleanest, and organic skin protection brands.
  • Where can I find Beautymark brands today?
    Beautymark Solutions has a wide range of partners and has made a commitment to support small local businesses, as well as larger luxury department stores. Ouir brands can be found in some of Canadas most luxurious spas, hotels, and retail stores, as well as new and upcoming beauty environments. Some of the company we keep includes: Larger Retail Partners - Holt Renfrew, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstrom, and Sephora Beauty Professionals - Gee Beauty, Stamford, The Laser Generation, bloomi, and Skinprovement Beauty Destinations - Four Seasons Hotel & Resorts, The Spa at The Old Mill, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, and Elora Mill Hotel & Spa Join us as we continue to #BuildBusinessBeautifully
  • How does Beautymark support its partners?
    With combined experience of over 50 years in beauty, our goal is to help make your professional treatments and retail business as unique and progressive as possible, in an ever evolving beauty movement. We will earn your trust through our experience, prove our worth with our track record, and ultimately add value to your concept. Our 3 core values include: - Genuine Partner Support & Service - Realistic Educaiton For Todays Beauty Professionals - A Consultative Approach To Help You Grow Your Beauty Business Whether you've been a Beautymark Partner for one week or one year, the Beautymark Team works endlessly to maintain and build relationships with all of our partners to ensure you're never alone on your journey to success! Some of the ways we continue to support our existing partners include: - Easy contact with our sales and education team - who are always happy to help! - Informative Email Blasts & Monthly Promotions - Sparking inspiration on our social media and Our Beautyview posts - Providing up-to-date and innovative products for our partners to chose from - Keeping your business connected to the beauty community through our Partner Feature page and our social media - Endless Marketing Material and Support - Virtual Education Sessions - Social Collaborations - Outstanding Education Manuals And so much more!
  • How does Beautymark support small businesses?
    Although Beautymark brands can be found in some of Canadas leading luxury beauty environments, our commitment to small businesses in the beauty community never dwindles. We understand how hard it can be for small businesses to compete in todays world, so we have set up many outlets for our smaller or up-and-coming partners to make their mark in the beauty industry. Such outlets include our Partner Feature page, our booming social media, our online retailer trackers, and our education sessions where you can become a brand expert and develop selling strategies in less than 2 hours. Moreover, our brands offer some of the worlds top skincare products and treatments, and feature award-winning innovations that are constantly in the media. The brands we have carefully selected allow you to be fully supported through their own marketing and outreach. Not only do we assist you in drawing in clients, our brands are sought after by many and in constant demand globally.
  • What is the process of becoming a Beautymark partner?
    You can begin your Beautymark journey by submitting a partner inquiry here. After submitting this form, one of our sales representatives will be in touch with you to discuss your business and the brand(s) you are interested in. From there, your sales representative can direct you in the proper direction for your specific business, from the right products to chose and additional brands your business will benefit from, all the way to finances and partner support/education.
  • Does my business qualify?
    We believe everyone in the beauty industry has potential for great success, especially with our brands and outstanding business support. However, not every business is a match for each brand. After connecting with one of our sales representatives, they can lay out the path to success for your unique business. Some businesses may benefit from only one of our brands, while others may benefit from all. To keep our brands exclusive, we have certain criteria for each indivudal brand. Regretablly, not all businesses meet the criteria for all of our brands. Additionally, our brands are exclusive to those in the beauty industry and are reserved for beauty professionals only. As much as we love seeing unique business ideas, please inquire with one of our representatives for further insight into our brand prerequisites. If your business does not qualify at the moment, please check back with us in the future!
  • I submitted an inquiry and haven’t heard back yet. How long do responses usually take?
    We're thrilled that you have interest in trying out one (or all!) of our brands in your professional services, and we would love to help find the right products for you and your clients! Please be advised that due to the high demand during busy seasons, your territory manager will get back to you within 3-5 business days. Because our brands are so popular in the beauty community, this can sometimes be a longer process depending on the volume of inquires we receive day-to-day. We appreciate your patience and can assure you it will be worth the short wait! Additionally, as amazing as technology is, sometimes it fails us. Please be sure to check your junk mail, as sometimes our emails can end up in there. Thank you!
  • I love what I see. How can I learn more before submitting an inquiry?
    We have phenomenal and very informative resources where you can learn more about our brands and products before submitting your inquiry. Such resources include: Our Brand Information Pages BIOEFFECT 111SKIN intraceuticals COOLA Our Blog (includes posts on all of our brands) Our Beautyview Don't forget - by submitting an inquiry, you are getting connected with your territory sales representative, who would love to provide you with more information and answer any questions you may have. Our sales representatives are more than happy to assist you in making an informed decision and give you a chance to connect with one of the superstars from the Beautymark team!
  • I'm not sure which brand to start with. What is the best brand for my business and my clients?
    The best way to find a brand that speaks to you and your business is by learning. We have different outlets that you can explore before making a decision, such as our brand information pages (BIOEFFECT, 111SKIN, intraceuticals, COOLA) and our beautyview! Additionally, by submitting an inquiry, your territory sales representative can set up a meeting (virtually, by phone, or in-person) with you to discuss all of your options and put you on the path to success with 1,2,3, or all of our brands!
  • I love all the brands! Can I carry all of them? Will they work together?
    Our carefully curated portfolio of brands allows beauty professionals of all capacities to choose 1, 2, or all of our brands to compliment or fully represent your skin care business & philosophy; be it a clinical medispa, or a luxurious retailer of beauty. Our brands have many layers, intended to meet the needs of the most advanced skin care practitioner, to the hippest makeup studio in town. We represent brands that are as diverse and versatile as we believe the beauty industry can be, especially today. The beauty of our brand selection is how phenomenal they work together. There are pieces of magic from each of our brands that can make your beauty business absolutely thrive! Whether you plan to carry a full range, or only certain collections, your business will never have to compete internally between brands. Here's an example of how our brands work seamlessly together in an at-home skincare routine: Cleanse using the NAC Y² Restorative Cleansing Balm from 111SKIN, perfect for melting makeup and naturally pulling impurities from the skin. Exfoliate using the Volcanic Exfoliator from BIOEFFECT, made with micro-crystalline lava, from the Icelandic volcano Hekla, to buff away dead skin and prep the skin for product application and absoption! Apply the Antioxidant Energizing Essence from 111SKIN to create microchannels of hydration in the skin and enhance the efficacy of any product to follow. Follow Essence by applying one of 111SKIN's transformative face masks, and allow the mask to work some 111SKIN magic! Begin 3 Step Hyaluronic Layering from intraceuticals by using the Daily Serum, Hydration Gel, and Moisture Binding Cream. This will allow the skin to reach optimum levels of true hydration, keeping the skin plump and radiant and delivering long lasting effects. Finish your at-home facial with COOLA's Full Spectrum 360 Sun Silk Drops, made to protect you from UV, Blue Light, IR, and pollution, and infusiing the skin with COOLA's antioxidant rich formulas. Protection from the beach to the boardroom! Forgetting something?? Your body deserves some TLC too! After showering daily, apply BIOEFFECT's EGF Body Serum. Made to deliver the same dramatic and transformative benefits as the award-winning EGF Serum, for the body! After allowing the product to absorb, feel free to apply one of COOLA's must-have organic sunless tan products for a beautiful natural looking tan that smells absolutely delish!
  • Does Beautymark offer sampling before I become a partner?
    We stongly believe in sampling/testing for our qualified prospects! Once the initial steps have been taken and you have had the opportunity to meet with one of our business managers, arrangements to have you and your team test and sample products will be made according to your needs. Of course, this also includes trying the many award winning face and body treatments we offer, which can also be arranged at our head office in Vaughan.
  • Can I obtain a catalog or price list?
    We feel our partners are best served with the individual attention and up-to-date information offered by our sales representatives. For this reason, our wholesale catalogs are not available for distribution. To get the most up-to-date pricing information, including pricing information on opening an account, click here to submit an inquiry and your territory sales representative will be in contact within 3-5 business days.
  • Does Beautymark offer any financial plans for their partners?
    We offer different options depending on the level of partnership, from in-house financing to referrals to 3rd party financing, if required.
  • I am a person of influence/member of the media. How do I go about collaborating with one of the Beautymark brands?
    Doesn't it feel great to represent/publicize a brand or product you believe in that actually works? We think so too! Thats why we've chosen to carry brands and products that we stand behind proudly. If you're interested in collaborating with one of our brands, featuring a product and/or or require additional information on our brands, click here to submit a press inquiry and one of our team members will get back to you shortly!
  • I am looking for a career in beauty. How can I join the Beautymark family?
    Beautymark Solutions Inc. is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our future success depends on the perspectives and contributions of all our employees -- their diverse backgrounds, abilities and experiences make our business stronger. We believe in Building Business Beautifully; for our business partners and our employees. We offer a progressive approach to training and development, and access to some of the industry's most premium brands. Are you ready to inspire a life of beauty and self care with us? Click here to see what positions we have available and submit a resume!
  • I can't find the answer I was looking for. Is there another way I can get my questions answered?
    All questions are good questions! If you have questions that have not been addressed above, please contact and one of our team members will get back to you shortly! Also, be sure to check your junk mail, as sometimes our emails end up in there. Thank you!
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