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Help your clients tackle 'Maskne'




The must-have 111SKIN Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Mask – traditionally sold as a dual-segment, multi-formula saviour to soothe imperfections – has been repurposed and reformulated to tackle the growing ‘Maskne’ epidemic. There is finally a solution to one of the most common client skin concerns of 2020/21. In these difficult times, it is important to adapt and grow with the changes at hand. Offering your clients a solution to an ongoing issue, like the 'Maskne' epidemic, will help to keep your beauty business up-and-running and help your clients feel and look beautiful - with or without their PPE mask on.

Able to be used following PPE mask use or even worn under a PPE mask to protect against physical abrasion, the lower-face Maskne Protection Bio Cellulose Mask will strengthen compromised skin, calm elevated redness and reduce the appearance of blemishes.

It’s superior composition also adheres to the face like a second skin, acting as a physical barrier between the dermis and any protective masks should you wish.

Dr Yannis, the founder of 111SKIN, formulated the mask with his ever-present philosophy of accelerating skin healing – not creating trauma to it with severe and stripping ingredients. A considered blend of synethics and botanicals ensure the Maskne Protection Bio Cellulose Mask can neutralize unhealthy bacteria, soothe elevated redness, repair skin that has experienced physical abrasion and reduce visible blemishes.



An extract taken from the cell-wall of plankton that promotes clarity by balancing the skin’s microbiome. CLEOME GYNANDRA: A botanical extract that controls sebum production and works to reduce inflammation.

ALOE VERA: A cooling natural extract with humectant and healing properties that alleviates redness and irritation. LACTIC ACID: A gentle AHA that dissolves the cells bonding dead skin together, reducing the appearance of blemishes and post-inflammatory pigmentation. SODIUM ASCORBATE: A stabilized Vitamin C that converts to ascorbic acid within the skin, enhancing collagen synthesis and brightening the complexion. TOCOPHEROL: Otherwise known as Vitamin E, this provides significant antioxidant properties to the skin that help strengthen and support barrier function. HYDROXYCINNAMIC ACID: A phytochemical that has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, working to combat unhealthy bacteria on the surface and imbalanced cells beneath.

Created by Dr Yannis to tackle the growing Maskne & Masktitis epidemic, the Maskne Bio Cellulose Protection Mask is created with one of 111SKIN’s staples – bio cellulose – an biopolymer that Dr. Yannis uses to treat burns victims. Created from bacteria, biocellulose displays unique properties including high tensile strength, high water retention capacity, high crystallinity and an ultra-fine pure fiber network structure. This makes it the most superior technology on the market to encourage optimal formula penetration and the perfect body to hold the efficacious formula.

“The number of patients I now see at 111 Harley St. to treat ‘Maskne’ or ‘Masktitus’ is continuing to grow as masks become part of our everyday life. That is why I created the Maskne Protection Bio Cellulose Mask - it provides immediate relief from both conditions, calming the skin and infusing it with barrier-building actives. Personally I wear mine under my PPE mask as a protective layer!”



Unleash the power of luxury innovative skincare in your beauty business today!


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