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9 Ways to Better Your Business While It's Closed

During this time of crisis, how we choose to react can define us and strengthen us. Below are some helpful steps that you can take to keep yourself and your team grounded, focused and looking towards the future.

1. Clean that office! Purge your files and computer folders

2. Clean, re-organize your storage and stock areas

3. Do a physical hand count of all inventory and audit these amounts with your software

4. Update or create new systems for front desk or any policies that are needed

5. Update your website

6. Shoot video tips that you post and share with your followers and your clients. This can drive people to you and stay engaged with you. You don’t want to go dark during this time.

7. Get your finances in order and update your budget

8. Make a list of online education resources and offer them to your team

9. Host Google Hangouts or use platforms like Zoom or Go To Meeting to have meet ups with your team at least twice a week. Meet for coffee in the morning and have a happy hour session one evening. Keep everyone connected and engaged!

It is up to us to fuel our soul with the things that we love in our life while sharing those gifts with our communities. We will move through this and grow the wiser!

Written by: Stephen Gomez


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