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Intraceuticals is a unique line of spa treatments and complementary skin care products based on innovative and progressive technology. Intraceuticals Clinic Treatments, the brand’s signature innovation, use oxygen under pressure and cutting edge hyaluronic acid technology to promote the delivery of specially formulated serums to the skin. These specialized treatments and accompanying home care products target the most common skin concerns with visible, clinical results and dramatic accumulative effects.

The goal is to optimize the performance of intraceuticals products by only using what the skin needs which includes treating the skin with the nourishing power of the scientifically selected radiance boosting active ingredients. Intraceuticals treatments and products show immediate visible results but also ensure long term skin health.

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Introducing the Revolutionary Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment

Intraceutical Oxygen Treatments have achieved international acclaim for instant and accumulative results. With more celebrity testimonials than any other brand in any category – unpaid, Intraceuticals has become the red-carpet authority on flawless, aspirational skin.

Using oxygen under pressure, the Intraceuticals treatment delivers a proprietary serum of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HA), essential vitamins, botanicals, antioxidants and peptides, that with just one treatment, visibly transforms skin’s appearance.

Offering a specific approach to all skin concerns, Intraceuticals professional treatments and skincare are designed to target hydration, skin-fatigue, hyper-pigmentation and acne. Additionally, Intraceuticals pairs beautifully with other skin modalities, including all laser therapies and micro-needling, just to name a few.

Optimum Results Achieved Through 3 Step Hyaluronic Layering


The intraceuticals proprietary 3 Step Hyaluronic Layering is an underpinning philosophy behind the entire Intraceuticals product range. The layering process combines three specific combinations of Hyaluronic which work together to provide perfect hydrodynamics designed to deliver hydration and ingredients to the upper layers of the skin.

Intraceuticals revolutionized the use of multi-weight Hyaluronic as both an exceptional hydrator as well as an effective delivery system for anti-ageing and specific concern ingredients. Cutting edge research led to the development of Intraceuticals patented “3 Step Hyaluronic Layering” technology which is the foundation of Intraceuticals skincare.

1 - Satiate skin micro HA and actives

2 - Surround cells in an active reservoir to sustain day-long medium HA & more

3 - Bind the matrix in, keep dryness and free radicals out large HA as barrier

The highly effective skincare products are designed to maximize the treatment and help balance and correct
skin concerns such as dehydration, skin ageing, pigmentation and problem prone skin.

Celebrity Testimonials

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