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Exfoliate your way into Spring with 111SKIN

Say hello to the EXFOLIATING ENZYME CLEANSER - Powder Exfoliator

Restore and nourish skin with this gentle yet effective exfoliating cleanser for smoother, radiant, and more even skin. Transforming from a fine powder into a rich lather, the formula is powered by papain Enzymes, Shikimic Acid, and our signature NAC Y2TM ingredient complex to sweep away dead skin cells and unclog pores while restoring and nourishing the skin.

Retail: $135. Also available in pro sizing - 40g

Gently Resurfaces And Nourishes For Smoother, Radiant Skin.

Targets Uneven Skintone, Texture, Dull Skin

Suitable For Combination, Dry, Mature, Oily skin

Clinically Proven 100% agree skin looks and feels softer.*​

Usage Instructions:

  • Pour half a teaspoon of powder into wet hands and rub them together until a rich foam is created.

  • Gently massage onto damp skin for 30 seconds and rinse with warm water.

  • For best results, use daily on its own or as the second step of a double cleanse.


  • Evens skin tone.

  • Gently polishes dead skin cells away.

  • Smooths and brightens skin.



An enzyme derived from papaya which gently exfoliates, sweeping away dead skin cells and de clogging pores, without disrupting the skin barrier.


A mild Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid (AHA) derived from star anise, providing strong exfoliating power without the irritation.


111SKIN’s proprietary complex made up of Vitamin C, Escin and NAC; designed to help repair, soothe, and restore skin.


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